MAG-TRACK gets 15M PLN grant

One of our companies: Kestrel Aeronautics, toghether with IPPT PAN, ADT Group and Flyfocus is starting new project on navigation system based on natural anomalies of Earth's magnetic field.

Lemur VTOL deployment in Ukraine

Our flagship UAV is being deployed in Ukraine. 

Rafał Rotblum from RB Defence has given a speech during IDA networking session

Rafał was talking about radio-electronic warfare threats and electro-optics device called JAGA, in which RB Defence is responsible for mechanical design.  

Final tests of Lemur VTOL

Looks like backstage footage form Bond series movie.

RB Defence brands

RB Defence  manifesto


At RB Defence, we are driven by a profound belief in the power of innovation to foster peace and security in an increasingly complex world. Our commitment transcends the mere production of defense technologies; we aim to create solutions that protect lives, preserve peace, and prevent conflict escalation. We believe that by providing state-of-the-art, top-quality products and services, we empower nations and organizations to maintain stability without resorting to aggression.
Our Core Principles:
Innovation for Peace: Every product we develop and every service we offer is imbued with the latest technological advancements, designed not just for defense but for deterrence. Our specialized sensors, composite materials, and custom unmanned vehicles designs are crafted to ensure superiority in defense capabilities, thereby discouraging conflicts before they begin.
Quality as a Catalyst for Security: We uphold the highest standards of quality in everything we do. By delivering unparalleled reliability and performance, our products become instruments of stability, enabling our clients to secure peace effectively and efficiently.
Ethical Responsibility: Our commitment to peace extends to a strict ethical framework governing the use and distribution of our technologies. RB Defence stands firmly against the escalation of conflicts and works tirelessly to ensure our products are used to safeguard lives and uphold human dignity.
Collaboration for a Safer World: We believe in the power of collaboration, working closely with international partners, governments, and non-governmental organizations to align our innovations with the global pursuit of peace. Our aim is to offer solutions that protect and preserve rather than provoke.
Forward-Thinking Solutions: In anticipation of future challenges, we continuously evolve our technologies to address the dynamic nature of global security threats. Our forward-thinking approach ensures that our clients are always equipped with the most advanced, conflict-averse technologies available.

Our Pledge: 
RB Defence pledges to be more than a defense technology company. We are a beacon of hope for a world where peace is maintained through strength, innovation, and ethical responsibility. Our mission is clear: to develop technologies that secure peace, protect lives, and ensure the safety of communities around the globe. In doing so, we not only contribute to the resolution of conflicts but also to their prevention.

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